Home Remodeling – Planning Your Project

All homeowners at some point will scrutinize their homes and find something that needs improvement. Whether you want to make more space for a growing family or update an outdated room or rooms, you will want to make sure you and your contractor are “on the same page”. Asking yourself the following questions will help you come prepared for your meeting with the contractor:

Is this your first remodeling process?
Do you have a sketch of your ideas?
Who will prepare your plans? (e.g. interior designer, architect)
What is the goal of your new space? (e.g. updated features, more natural light, larger/smaller)
What do you like or dislike about your current space?
What type of design do you want for your new space: traditional, contemporary, French country, American country, etc.?
Will you incorporate universal design principles?
Should your new floor plan have convenient movement between rooms, redirected traffic, improved space planning and/or more efficient storage?
Are you considering changing doors or windows or the size of your space? Are you considering a room addition?
How important are brand name of materials, project budget, project timeframe, function of space, look of space, traffic flow through space, and energy efficiency to you?
Who resides in the home (adults, children and pets)? Do you plan to expand your family?
What are the sexes and ages of family members?
Does anyone in the family have special needs that will require accommodation?
How long do you expect to be living in your remodeled home?
What is your estimated budget for this project?

You also need to pose the following questions to the contractor to make sure your project is viable and that you understand what services the contractor will and won’t be providing:

Are any of our project goals not attainable?
Can this project be completed within our proposed budget?
How do we go about choosing our paint colors, appliances, etc.?
What is your estimate for the completion date for this project?
Who will be my primary and alternate contacts?
Can you arrange moving and storage for our items, or do we need to do that ourselves?
Will I receive sufficient prior notice if my water and power will be turned off?
What hours will people be working in my home? How many people will there be?
Will a dumpster and portable toilet be place on my property? Will you be responsible for maintaining and emptying them?
Will the crew be responsible for daily cleanup?
How will my home exterior and landscaping be protected from workers and machinery?

Once you have answers to the above questions, you can rest assured that you and your contractor share the same vision regarding your home remodeling project.